Heritage Houses

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Renovation and Refurbishment Services for Heritage Homes in Auckland

Heritage homes in Auckland require particular care and attention when being refurbished. The refurbishment and renovation work needs to make these heritage houses practical for modern families to live in, while also ensuring they are brought up to current building, health, energy efficiency, and environmental standards.

However, the work must be done in a way that retains the traditional charm and character of the house. After all, we need to keep our existing heritage houses in Auckland as they are an essential component of the fabric of the city, and they are part of our history.

If you are planning a refurbishment or renovation of a heritage house Auckland, you need a team of builders with experience completing similar projects. You’ll get that experience when you hire us at Uprise Builders.

While we take on all types of renovation work, we specialise in renovating and refurbishing heritage homes throughout Auckland. We are passionate about this type of work, and we always complete it to a high standard. To find out more and to discuss your project, please get in touch.

Our Heritage Homes Expertise

Older houses typically need upgraded electrics and plumbing as well as roof and structural repairs. Other features will also be required to ensure the house passes council inspections.

At Uprise Builders, we can give you advice on the work that should be completed to bring your heritage home up to the right standard, and we can give you advice on the impact of any work that you want to complete. We’ll also give you an estimate of prices, so you know the costs involved.

We can then handle all the building work. Get in touch today to speak to a member of our team.