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Architectural Design Services in Auckland

Developing plans is a crucial part of most renovation or new build projects. It can be a complex process, however, particularly if you haven’t gone through it before. You have to find a suitable architect, then there is the expense to consider. At Uprise Builders, we can help as we offer architectural design services to complement the residential building services that we offer in Auckland.

There are a number of ways we can help get your project to the stage where work can be started on-site:

  • You can use one of our trusted architects to help you customise a house design or create something completely unique.

Whatever option you choose, we’ll provide you with cost estimates to help with budgeting, in addition to providing you with advice on the options available to achieve your objectives. We’ll also hHRelp with obtaining council approval and anything else that is required to get finalised construction drawings that are ready to build.

Why Choose Our Architectural Design Services?

  • You’ll only have to deal with us, saving you time and hassle. Dealing with one contractor also reduces the complexity of your building project, whether you are planning a large new build or a smaller renovation.
  • Our design services are focused on building realities, helping to ensure a smooth and hassle-free building process.